About Sandra

Sandra first heard of the Alexander Technique at the age of 21 when she was given a book called “The Alexander Principle” by Wilfred Barlow.  It made complete sense to her, but at that she was not in able to pursue it further at that time.

However the inspiration provided by that book never left her so, twenty years later after two separate careers, as a sales rep, and an NHS health professional, the time and funds became available for her to have Alexander Technique lessons and ultimately to train as an Alexander teacher.

Sandra is as enthusiastic and passionate about the Alexander Techniqe today as ever because it has enhanced her own health and wellbeing.  Sandra has also seen remarkable positive changes in the many people she has taught since I qualifying in 2000. 

Pupils range from school aged children to seniors of almost ninety years.   This technique is for everyone. It brings Sandra great joy to see people learn how to break away from repetitive habits that can lead to chronic aches, pains and the mental stress caused by modern living.

Sandra has also run a Teacher Training course for Alexander technique since 2010

On a personal note, Sandra is Mum to four grown up children and enjoy a busy family