What people are saying about the Alexander Technique

"I was blown away by my first lesson. It was awesome! I suffer badly with neck pain and my mum says it's because I am on the phone all the time. I think this may be true and after the lesson with Sandra I am using my phone "with good use" and less neck pain."

Luke - Scaffolder

"Thank you for the lesson, I have been "plugging" my feet in as you instructed and this has really steadied my balance and improved my coordination. I am looking forward to learning more with you. 

Ruth - School Teacher
"I have been training with Sandra for the last 3 years and it has made a marked improvement in my  overall health and well being. I work using a standing desk and after years of Alexander lessons I stand for eight hours with little or no fatigue, which is truly amazing"

Max - UX/UI Designer
"I came to the AT Summer School and learn't  a vast amount which has helped me through some really stressful times. My job is quite high powered and there is little time for rest, since coming to Sandra I have allocated time in the evening to lie in Semi Supine which has greatly improved my life as a whole."

Frances - Solicitor

"I have worked with Sandra over the past eighteen years and she is an inspiration as a colleague and to her students. She is an immensely sensitive and compassionate who is quick to recognise the skills and strengths of individuals. Through her astute observation, she builds the confidence of her students encouraging them to explore the depth of their potential and more."

Trevor - Building Inspector

"Just wanted to say enjoyed my lesson last week, I went into work on Friday feeling much better mentally. Look forward to seeing you at my next lesson. 

Jan - Reflexologist and Yoga Teacher
"I found Sandra to be a tremendous Alexander Technique teacher. I had severe back pain, and the Alexander Technique has been excellent in eradicating it. The technique has also improved my general health, happiness and energy levels too. 

Iain - Architect
"I had read about the Alexander Technique and was somewhat sceptical with the statement that you need to see an AT Trainer.  As had tried most other proposed remedies like physio, massage and acupuncture decided to give it a try as each session was about the same cost. I was actually taller or lengthened from my rear end to the eye-line since I went in.  I felt totally relaxed and at this time although not to clear on what had just happed was keen to return for lesson two.  

Paul - Engineer