Introduction to the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique, has been taught in the UK and around the world for more than a century, but  It is really in the last forty years that it’s become more widely known and accessible.

The Alexander Technique is a learned skill, taught generally on an individual basis, and sometimes in group workshops.  The Alexander teacher uses both verbal and gentle hands on guidance to help the pupil begin to recognise unhelpful patterns of tension in their body which can often lead to a distorted body alignment.  A body which is out of alignment creates physical, mental and emotional imbalance which can lead to physical pain, negative thinking and anxiety.  As the pupil learns to recognise these harmful mis-alignment patterns and how to release them, there is also a release of negative thinking, in fact, a benign cycle is established as the physical change leads to a mental change in outlook which can bring back a zest for life perhaps long forgotten about.